Who is the girl in the Muddy Boots?

Hi my name’s Jasmin,

I have always had a passion for writing and doing pretty much anything that is creative or something that inspires me. I generally find it hard sometimes to stick at just one thing, focusing on making one thing great is incredibly difficult, when you are inspired daily, sometimes hourly, by amazing ideas and creative thoughts.

I live in the remote countryside near the Exmoor National Park in England. I am always found surrounded by animals, normally my pet goose perched on my lap whilst I type on my computer most mornings over a steaming hot up of tea in my favourite blue mug covered in a pattern of white fish, sounds bizarre but it always makes a cup of tea amazing when it is sipped from this mug! Come on, we all have a favourite one don’t we?

My days are spent working from home Monday-Saturday, which is brilliant as I get to spend my spare time in the day enjoying my animals, writing and creating music, writing stories and taking pictures of the things I love…Oh, and spending way to much time on Pinterest!

I thought Id create this blog just to write about things as I feel inspired, tell some of my stories of things that happen here in the country and have somewhere to vent, find like minded people and generally just have a space to talk about things I am passionate about.

Hope you feel like you know the Girl in the Muddy Boots a little better.

If you need me ill be most likely running around the countryside with my dog Missi or if its evening having a fight with my mind over whether to have a bottle of wine and open a packet of cheese.

Jasmin. x