Thoughts about Wine!

That feeling when your sat on your laptop thinking about asking your partner to pick up a bottle of vino from the local shop on his way home from work; you stop, analyse how bad your day has actually been and think about the ‘new’ diet you have committed to, and how its only one more day till Friday, and Friday evening is wine O’Clock and its only 24hrs away! Nervous-woman-cartoon.jpg

You tell yourself repeatedly, “one bottle a week, don’t be greedy but don’t equally go cold turkey, after all isn’t having things in proportion supposed to be the right thing to do?” But soon you mind goes back to the present, and your elderflower cordial sipped out of a wine glass isn’t touching your craving at all!

Suddenly you find yourself in the fridge, thinking “hmm…I just need something yummy to nibble on to keep me going until dinner, something to stop the craving of wine…I know, CHEESE!”

“Well done,” you tell yourself, eating a few thin slices of cheese convinced you’ve conquered the taste for a little red…but then snap! What goes well with wine? Cheese! You just gave yourself the most complimentary food that goes hand in hand with wine, like Romeo and Juliet of the food and beverage world.

Back to square one…still sat eating cheese. Enjoying cheese, each slice bigger than the last.

“Whats that ringing?” depositphotos_13981130-stock-illustration-cartoon-phone-ringing.jpgYou look in your bag to find your iPhone buzzing and playing its ever increasingly annoying ringtone and who is it? Your other half…“Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” you tell yourself firmly looking at the empty wine glasses in the cupboard, glistening in the sunlight which is blazing through the kitchen window. Suddenly he asks that question, the one question you had been wanting to hear yet were trying to pretend you were strong enough to reply in a sensible manner.

wine-tips-etiquette-cupofjo1.jpg“Babe you do need anything from the shop?” he asks lovingly, “Yes,” you pause, moment of control kicks in “um” you stutter unsure of what is right and wrong anymore at

this point, you gaze at the nearly half eaten block of cheese you have just devoured and then you blurt out…“Wine!…A red one….preferably a Merlo on offer if there is one.” 

Slamming the phone down you start singing, hearing the birds chirping in the distance, and the smell of freshly mowed grass creeping in through the windows in the house.

But your not needy, you don’t have a dependancy one wine? You just had a bad day, right?

Girl in Muddy Boots.w i j n